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Meet The Owners of Phat Turtle BBQ!

✨Meet our wonderful owners!✨

Mike and Kelly Sloan are true Kansas City Missourians. Born and raised on the savory flavors of smoked meat, they brought their amazing taste to Arizona for all to enjoy!

Why did they decide to name their Barbeque restaurant Phat Turtle? Our food is cooked low and slow for the most rich and juicy smoked meats in Arizona. We aren't able to rush our smoking process, and for the best results we always take our time. You know what else is low and slow? A fat Turtle! 🐢

Married for 32 years, their love and chemistry translates over to the friendly and fun atmosphere of their restaurant. Michael and Kelly both believe food can only be SO good if the customer service isn't GREAT. We hope to see you all soon at Phat Turtle BBQ ! 🐢

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Eat - Drink - Play
Looking for some Trivia fun?  Stop by Phat Turtle BBQ and order our award winning Burnt Ends, grab an ice cold Beer and PLAY TRIVA!
Buzztime Trivia is a trivia service that broadcasts trivia over a national network allowing bars and restaurants and trivia fans across the USA to compete with each other.
Stop by and play while you eat and drink or for Tuesday night trivia.
Can't wait to see you!

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