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During the games we feature discounts on our Southwest Boulevard Beers and specials on our KC style barbeque.  Also, a chance to win prizes every time the Chiefs score!



Sliders (3) w/ 1 side $12.95
Smoked Chicken Wings naked or your choice of sauce starting at $10.99 (6)
Cheese Curd Basket  $ 11.95
Cheese fries $6.95 add Brisket, Pork or Chicken for $3.00

Boulevard Wheat & Pilsner Beers:
0 16 oz
$5.00 20oz

Boulevard Tank 7 12oz $5.50
Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad 12oz $5.50
Bucket of Domestic Beers (5) $15

add .75 each for seasonal or specialty beer and seltzers

$2.00 off Specialty Drinks & Wine
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