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8 Ball Break Pot Information:

8 ball on the break wins pot (90% payback).

Management will rack the balls.  NO RACKING YOUR OWN!

No winner, then pot rolls over and accumulates.

8 on the break then scratch, you lose!!

The opportunity will be given to all league and Tournament players!
Pot starts at $500, bar puts up $500 until money can be paid back by pot.  If 8 on the break pot pays off before $500 is paid, the bar loses.

1st winner $500 minimum, 2nd winner and on $250 minimum.


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Looking for some Trivia fun?  Stop by Phat Turtle BBQ and order our award winning Burnt Ends, grab an ice cold Beer and PLAY TRIVA!
Buzztime Trivia is a trivia service that broadcasts trivia over a national network allowing bars and restaurants and trivia fans across the USA to compete with each other.
Stop by and play while you eat and drink or for Tuesday night trivia.
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